Bran Knowles

Bran is a Lecturer at Lancaster University's Data Science Institute, with a joint appointment in the School of Computing and Communications and the Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts. Her core research focus is trust, exploring for example the factors that contribute to older adults' stated distrust of digital technologies.

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Vicki L. Hanson

Vicki is the CEO of the Association for Computing Machinery. She has worked in both the field of aging and the field of accessibility for over 20 years.

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Yvonne Rogers

Yvonne is a Professor at and Director of the University College London Information Centre. She is interested in how new technology can engage older adults in helping envision the future while making an impact on society.

Anne Marie Piper

Anne Marie is Associate Professor in the departments of Communcation Studies, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (by courtesy), and Communication Sciences and Disorders (by courtesy) at Northwester University. Her research focuses on natural user interfaces to support communication, social interaction, and learning for people across the lifespan.

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Jenny Waycott

Jenny is a Senior Lecturer and ARC Future Fellow in the School of Computing and Information Systems at The University of Melbourne. She is about to undertake a 4-year fellowship entitled "Emerging Technologies for Enrichment in Old Age: A Critical Perspective."

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Nigel Davies

Nigel is a Distinguished Professor at Lancaster University and Co-Director of the Data Science Institute. He has expertise in pervasive and mobile technologies, and is currently exploring architectural and systems issues in designing for older adults that transcend traditional UI (i.e. accessibility) considerations.

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